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Apr 10 2014

Are you aware of homeopathy? It’s a good time to start!

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If you weren’t already aware of homeopathy, then congratulations! There’s no better time to learn all about this ridiculous scam.

The inimitable Science-Based Medicine has an excellent and detailed primer on homeopathy; however, you don’t need to read the entire thing to understand the three main points:

  1. It’s literally just water

Why is it such a great time to learn about homeopathy? Well, partly because April 10-16 is homeopathy awareness week, and scam artists around the world will be coming together to try to celebrate their successes in conning sick people out of money. It’s also a great time because just yesterday, Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council declared that homeopathic ‘remedies’ are “useless for human health”.

Good news for Australia – embarrassingly, the UK’s Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt is a homeopathy believer, which probably goes some way to explaining how such a ridiculous practice is still partially covered by the NHS in the 21st century.

Do feel free to get in touch with him to let him know his views are several thousand years behind the times.

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